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From The Archives: Chris Spear, Chef and Podcaster

May 16, 2022 Tammy Takaishi Season 1
Creative Peacemeal
From The Archives: Chris Spear, Chef and Podcaster
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Show Notes

Another fave episode originally airing in July of 2021. Chris continues to thrive in his business PERFECT LITTLE BITES, and his podcast, CHEFS WITHOUT RESTAURANTS. Check out the links for more!

Chef Chris Spear is on the show to talk about his amazing business, Perfect Little Bites, and his podcast, Chefs Without Restaurants.

Chris Spear is the chef and owner of Perfect Little Bites, an in-home personal chef business based in Frederick, Maryland. You might also know him as the host of the Chefs Without Restaurants podcast, and the man behind the culinary networking organization of the same name. Chris graduated from Johnson & Wales University with a B.S. in culinary arts, and has been working in the foodservice industry for almost 30 years.

Chris dreamed of bringing an upscale dining experience directly into peoples' homes, and he started his personal chef business on the side in 2010. Tired of the corporate foodservice grind, he left his job and took his business full-time in 2016. Specializing in contemporary American cuisine with global influences, Perfect Little Bites services the metro Washington D.C. and Baltimore areas, as well as parts of West Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, and Northern Virginia.

Wanting to build a community to help support other food entrepreneurs, Chris started the Chefs Without Restaurants community. Its focus would be on sharing gig opportunities and knowledge, as well as doing collaborative pop-up events. This led to the launch of the Chefs Without Restaurants podcast in late 2019, and the show features guests working in aspects of foodservice such as catering, research & development, contract foodservice, and the food truck industry.

Now Chris splits his time between cooking unique dishes for his guests, such as scrapple dip, and engaging with the culinary community he built. He has written editorials for StarChefs, and some of his recipes can be found on the Garden & Gun and Imbibe websites. You can also find an illustration of his chest tattoo in the book Knives & Ink, along with his recipe for smoked gouda and hot pepper pimento cheese.

Chris is also a husband, and father of twins. When he's not cooking or talking about food, you'll probably find him taking photos, wandering an art gallery, or rocking out at one of DC's concert venues. Ask to see his Star Wars collection, or to tell you about the time Bill Murray inadvertently ruined his anniversary dinner.

Click HERE to listen to Chris' podcast, Chefs Without Restaurants.
Chefs Without Restaurants Website: http

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