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Emile Pandolfi, Pianist

June 13, 2022 Tammy Takaishi Season 1 Episode 59
Creative Peacemeal
Emile Pandolfi, Pianist
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Show Notes

Today's show features pianist, Emile Pandolfi. He delighted me with stories from working at a comedy club in California, to dispensing wisdom from his lengthy career, to fave books, and more. 
With more than half a billion streams across platforms including Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music, Emile Pandolfi ranks among America’s most popular piano artists.

Although the majority of his performance repertoire is lush, intricate arrangements of Broadway and pop standards, his influences are, in fact, more classical than pop. It is this subjective layering of classical style, which Emile infuses into the broad palette of his performance selections, that continues to resonate with audiences everywhere.

His most recent project is the book Play It Like You Mean It: Supercharge Your Playing and Let Your Piano Work for You. A light-hearted and humorous guide for pianists from amateur to professional, Play It Like You Mean It shares Emile’s holistic philosophy harmonizing method and mindset to help pianists communicate through every chord and resonate more passionately with listeners, while bringing more joy to the daily practice of music. He also maintains an active global travel schedule, hosting a small group of fans on international luxury tours each year. Each trip includes intimate performances in concert halls and historic venues.

To learn more about Emile Pandofi, or to check out his playlists and book, click here.

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