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David Libert, Musician, Music Manager

November 14, 2022 Tammy Takaishi Season 1 Episode 72
Creative Peacemeal
David Libert, Musician, Music Manager
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Show Notes

David Libert is more than a musician, and manager. He’s a talented, hard-working household name who worked with many along his unique journey from a kid in Jersey, to being a bandmate, and beyond. You can now ready about his epic ride in his new book ROCK AND ROLL WARRIOR: MY MISADVENTURES WITH ALICE COOPER, PRINCE, GEORGE CLINTON, LIVING COLOUR, THE HAPPENINGS, AND MORE. Available now.

Go here to learn more about David Libert, and to buy his memoir.
David is also an animal lover, and advocate and has three furbabies, Harold, Barney, and Trundle. Here are a few organizations near and dear to his heart, and additional worthy causes.

A Purposeful Rescue: Los Angeles,CA

Animal Authority Rescue Team: Yucca Valley, CA

Los Vegas Valley Humane Society: Los Vegas

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