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Jennifer Ball, Master Wedding Planner (Part two!)

January 30, 2023 Tammy Takaishi Season 1 Episode 79
Creative Peacemeal
Jennifer Ball, Master Wedding Planner (Part two!)
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Show Notes

Master wedding planner, Jennifer Ball of Knot Your Average Events is back on the show to discuss current trends, running a successful business when life gets messy, the importance of finding time, and so much more.

Jennifer Ball is the owner of Knot Your Average Events and is also a contributor to a wedding planning book entitled Planners Unplugged. Adjunct Professor at High Point University and ACC. Jennifer Ball is known as the coordinating ninja. She thrives in creating a unique guest experience through her client’s life stories. Whether it’s transforming an airplane hangar including a flyover for a celebration of life to rocking a full dance floor at birthday party. She loves adding a little magic to each and every event her team produces. Jennifer's weddings have been published in several local and national wedding magazines and blogs.  

She's been featured as one of Roy's Folks on FOX8 and is one of the co-authors of the Planners Unplugged book project. If the owners of Kleinfeld Bridal can trust her with their personal family's can you. When she's not teaching in a classroom or planning an event, you can find Jennifer fishing by a lake, scuba diving with stingrays in the Caribbean, or snuggling with her six pound office manager watching movies.  She truly believes in a full work-life-balance lifestyle.

Find out more about Jennifer, or to book for an event, go here.

Recipe for Momma Lloy'd Onion rings, here 

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