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Mathias Lattin, Blues Musician

April 24, 2023 Tammy Takaishi Season 1 Episode 89
Creative Peacemeal
Mathias Lattin, Blues Musician
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Show Notes

At 20 years old, Mathias Lattin won 1st place at the 2023 International Blues Challenge in the band category and was awarded Best Guitarist by the judges.

Mathias Lattin is a product of the Houston ISD Fine Arts magnet program. He is a 2020 graduate of Kinder High School for Performing and Visual Arts.

Mathias Lattin is an emerging young Texas guitarist. He’s heavily influenced by music legends B.B. King, Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Albert Collins, and Wes Montgomery. Mathias’s love for music is reflected in the soulful blues, jazz-inflected chords, and funky bass lines. Trained as a jazz guitarist, he incorporates that knowledge in his playing and songwriting.

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