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John Head, Board Certified-Music Therapist

August 21, 2023 Tammy Takaishi Season 1 Episode 98
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John Head, Board Certified-Music Therapist
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Show Notes

John Head is a Board Certified-Music Therapist, and a member of the Music Therapy team at Houston Methodist Hospital system. He joins the already illustrious list of Music Therapists who have been a guest on this show, and it is always a delight to interview colleagues. This episode was originally recorded in September 2022, and was incredibly stimulating to conduct as one professional to another in which John traverses a range of topics from a deep, deep dive into the music therapy profession, to discussing the importance of trauma informed care, as well as getting to know the man behind the guitar. This is a must listen episode for fellow Music Therapists, as well as anyone wanting to know more about the field.

To learn more about the profession of Music Therapy, please visit the American Music Therapy (AMTA) website, here.

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