Creative Peacemeal

Keith Gaboury, Poet

April 12, 2021 Tammy Takaishi/Keith Gaboury Season 1 Episode 16
Creative Peacemeal
Keith Gaboury, Poet
Show Notes

Former classmate, and talented poet, Keith Mark Gaboury joins me on the show today.
He talks about his creative process, current projects, inspirations for poems and more.

Keith Mark Gaboury earned a B.A. in English: Concentration in Creative Writing from Baker University (2008), a M.A. in English: Concentration in Literature from San Francisco State University (2010), and a M.F.A. in Creative Writing: Concentration in Poetry from Emerson College (2013).

For more than fifteen years, Keith Mark Gaboury has spearheaded action to promote literary engagement. Moving forward, he is seeking to build more literary avenues in the Bay Area, nationally, and globally. Feel free to contact him if you’re interested in a collaboration to support a platform of expression from a diverse range of voices who have a right to be heard.
In the Bay Area, he is a regular attendee at literary readings, open mics, and workshops, including Saturday Night Special, Naked Bulb, Quiet Lightning, and The San Francisco Creative Writing Institute.

From such topics as science fiction, surrealism, and religion, his poetry perceives reality through a disjointed lens. Whether a poem travels to the moon Europa or slithers along a Brooklyn sidewalk, unexpectedness is ripped open where the strange is truly beautiful.
Keith is a poet, preschool teacher, and runner in Oakland, California.
To learn more about Keith and find his work, click here.

Resources he mentioned in the show are below.
Typewriter Poetry Group (Keith hosts bi-monthly poetry workshop):

Walnut Creek Zoom Poetry Meetup (Keith co-hosts a weekly poetry meetup):

San Francisco Creative Writing Institute (creative writing classes, relatively cheap):

The Writing Salon (creative writing classes as well):

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