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Jacqueline Myer, Chef and Restaurateur

June 14, 2021 Tammy Takaishi/Jacqueline Myer Season 1 Episode 24
Creative Peacemeal
Jacqueline Myer, Chef and Restaurateur
Show Notes

Chef Jacqueline Myer of Broth and Brine, a new restaurant in the Houston area joins me today to discuss her path to the culinary arts, her hot take on food as medicine, and much more.
Jacqueline Myers is chef-owner of Broth & Brine | Dedicated Craft Kitchen as well as GF Personal Chef | Gluten Free & Paleo. In addition to her role as chef-owner-manager at Broth & Brine, she is also a personal chef and a food and wellness consultant. She intercedes for clients on their healing journeys using a food-as-medicine approach.

Jacqueline holds a Master of Science degree in secondary education from Indiana University, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Spanish. She has always held a passion for the culinary world, cooking, and world travel. Through food, perspective is downloaded and peoples are united.

 Having spent 16 years as an educator, Jacqueline observed the rise of gut-related disorders and astonishing epidemic of ASD—Autism Spectrum Disorders. Through a series of events, she began to investigate the root cause(s) of ASDs, the brain connection, and the factors involved in other autoimmune conditions including cancer and diabetes. Toxicity and gut health emerged as critical factors in need of immediate attention across all United States demographics. For Jacqueline, it was time to step out of a classroom with four walls and take action at a different level in order to encourage change and healing for our children and our society.

Combining her passion for research, education, and food preparation, Jacqueline embarked on a relevant and timely mission to help others using the timeless concept of nutrition. She relied on her time spent studying and traveling abroad, as well as her passion for healing foods of the Mediterranean and our distant ancestors.

At the core of her mission today is to empower others with knowledge and skills for healing true root imbalances using food as a first line intervention and prevention.

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