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Tara Davis, Music Therapist

October 18, 2021 Tammy Takaishi/Tara Davis Season 1 Episode 38
Creative Peacemeal
Tara Davis, Music Therapist
Show Notes

Delight to be joined on my show by my dear friend, and fellow grad school pal, Tara Davis. We catch up and dig deep about her experience working on the front lines the last few years, her journey to become a music therapist, and what's on the road ahead.

Tara Davis, MA, MT-BC, is a graduate of the Boston Conservatory, and Montclair State. Prior to becoming a music therapist, Ms. Davis held positions as a vocalist, actress, and director across the United States.  Ms. Davis established and is the internship director at her work, and is the current vice president of the New Jersey Association of Music Therapy. She is also an adjunct faculty member at Montclair State in addition to her duties as a full-time music therapist in New Jersey.

To learn more about music therapy, visit, the official site of the American Music Therapy Association.

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