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Ben Barnes, Actor and Musician

October 25, 2021 Tammy Takaishi/Ben Barnes Season 1 Episode 39
Creative Peacemeal
Ben Barnes, Actor and Musician
Show Notes
Actor and Musician Ben Barnes on his debut album, and more.

Actor and Musician, Ben Barnes joined the podcast to talk about music inspirations, and his debut album, Songs For You.
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Ben Barnes is known to many for portraying fantasy heroes and comic-book villains, characters from history and classic novels and the occasional romantic street busker or wannabe rock-star. His own fantasies, stories and dreams have until now been eclipsed by these roles.

With Songs For You, Barnes is baring his soul through his music for the first time; hopeful, joyful, passionate, nostalgic, vulnerable and loving. The lyrics to most of the songs, he explains, came from “poetry written for a loved one or just for myself, a long-forgotten phrase I jotted down in a notebook years ago, inspired by a photograph, a moment, a quotation, or in the case of one song, a story I read about a female pirate!”

After years of being directed, written for and edited in movies, this is his moment to shine the light on the five songs on Songs For You, lovingly crafted at his piano at home and presented unedited and straight from the heart.

Barnes shared, “Songs For You comes from one of my favorite records, ‘A Song For You’ by Leon Russell (but the Donny Hathaway version, of course), from wanting the songs to speak intimately to anyone who listens to them, and because if a song is written for you, you know who you are.”

Ben Barnes has starred in films, TV shows and theater productions spanning the last 20 years: 

Movies have included, The Chronicles of Narnia franchise (Disney), Seventh Son (Universal), Dorian Gray, Easy Virtue and musical films Killing Bono and Jackie & Ryan

TV shows he has appeared in include Shadow & Bone currently streaming on Netflix, Westworld (HBO), Golddigger (BBC) and The Punisher (Netflix). 

Stage productions include The History Boys (National Theatre) and Birdsong (West End).

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