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From the Archives: Tracy Silverman, Violinist, Composer

November 22, 2021 Tammy Takaishi
Creative Peacemeal
From the Archives: Tracy Silverman, Violinist, Composer
Show Notes

Straight from the archives comes the VERY FIRST interview featuring award winning violinist and composer, Tracy Silverman.

Originally landed on January 4th, 2021, this episode features an in-depth interview with Tracy Silverman. He discusses musical influences, shares a touching story of his first steps on his musical journey, and more.

Since helping kick off Creative Peacemeal with this interview, Tracy has gone on to making his own successful and amazing podcast For The Greater Groove (links below), and toured and had some pieces premiered.

"What we really wanted to do, was to do what had happened with got electrified...we knew that had to happen with violin and we wanted to be there making those instruments, designing them, playing them, and creating a new future for string placers where their options were not just to play the beautiful classical music which I love."


If you’re a fellow string player, or want to learn more about strum bowing, and other violin tips, check out Tracy’s books at

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